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Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Baton Rouge, LA

Besides the investment approach you take, the financial advisor you select to help you plan and save for retirement is one of the most important decisions you need to make.

When trying to find a financial advisor, it’s important to find an advisor whose strategies are aligned with your needs. Another good idea when you are looking for a financial advisor is to find one who is a fiduciary financial advisor. In other words, an advisor or financial planner who is legally obligated to always look out for your best interests.

Next, you’ll need to determine what that advisor specializes in. Advisors will typically specialize in growth-oriented investments, or in income-generating investments. Rarely will an advisor be well-versed in both.

Wealth Planning in Retirement

Growth-oriented investments can be suitable during your working years, when your goal is to accumulate and grow your savings as much as possible. Since retirement is still decades away, you have the time to ride out a potential market downturn.

But as you near retirement and get ready to transition into the distribution stage of your life, you lose the luxury of time. If you haven’t made the switch to investing for income ahead of retirement and experience a major market correction, you could be forced to liquidate a greater number of shares of your investments to generate the income you’ll need. Do this too many times and you could run the risk of cannibalizing your savings.

That’s why, as you near retirement, it makes sense to work with a financial advisor who understands the best ways to help preserve your principal, so you can use your savings as a renewable source of steady income you can count on.

Speak to a Financial Advisor

With a free, no-obligation consultation, our financial advisors can help to determine if you’re on the right path to enjoying the retirement of your dreams. If you’re not, we can help you make the necessary adjustments.

Drew Pelton Investment Services makes your retirement planning simple and easy to understand!

84% of people do not have a detailed and formal retirement plan! Is that you? Do you at least need a review or second opinion? Drew Pelton Investment Services offers professional retirement and financial planning to those planning for retirement and for those in retirement. We take a strategic approach based on your particular situation, your needs, and your objectives. A dedicated focus and emphasis on investing for purpose and investing for income (versus just investing for performance and growth) is essential and critically important to have a more stress-free retirement. If you are 10 years from retirement or sooner, or you are already retired, start by giving us a call today. We will get you scheduled for a complimentary consultation to discuss your retirement and your financial planning needs and options.

senior couple going over paperwork

Personalized Retirement and Financial Planning

Our experienced and skilled investment team is dedicated to helping you attain a more stress-free retirement! The two biggest fears retirees and those planning for retirement have are #1, running out of money and or not having sufficient income, and #2, not having adequate resources for the cost of long-term care services whether in-home care, assisted-living, or in a nursing home.

Important questions…

  • Are you a more conservative or an aggressive investor?
  • How much money should you have invested at risk in the stock market in your investment portfolio?
  • What’s going to happen next in the stock market?
  • Are you invested soundly to meet your goals and objectives?
  • Do you think history repeats itself?
  • Do you know the history of the stock market and what history may indicate for the future?

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today!